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2024 - 5 Day Vehicle Challenge

2024 - 5 Day Vehicle Challenge

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What is the 2024 5-Day Vehicle Challenge about?

This pre-recorded ZOOM course is designed to teach all levels of Business owners how to put the necessary systems in place to accomplish the end goal of purchasing a vehicle under their Business using their EIN ONLY.

Course Includes:

Day 1: Setting up your Business profile correctly

Day 2: Business Credit

Day 3: Dealing with the Dealership & Picking your Vehicle

Day 4: Transport & Lease Transfer options

Day 5: Insurance & Rental platform

Bonus: Private Rental with Latasha Jackson who currently has 11 vehicles under her Business.

Bonus: The 2021 version which dives deeper into dealing with the dealership.

Bonus: Access to a private Facebook group with includes approved dealerships, the 2021 version of the vehicle challenge, and proven students results.


*The correct Business Structure 

*Filling out the application

*DUNS breakdown

*NAV breakdown

*Establishing Business Credit ( if appliable )

*Most Helpful Vendors ( if appliable)

*Best Banks

*Finding Dealerships in your state

*Best insurance

*How to let your vehicle be an asset 

*The importance of a business online presence

*Tax Write OFF (Bonus)

*How to approach the dealership of your choice

*Q & A with ( Patrice Jordan )

*How to create passive income between $8-10K per month

*Dealing with the dealership

*No Money Down strategy

*Best GPS Systems to use

*How to pick the right vehicles for your state ( rental purposes )

*Different platforms you can use to earn income off your vehicle

*How to complete your Business application


*Personal Credit NOT USED in this program

Lifetime access to a Support community.



Does this program work for new businesses? Yes

Does the vehicle course work in all states? Yes

Does my Business have to make Income? No

Does this teach me how to structure my business correctly? YES

Will there be additional support? Yes private FB group

Does the main insurance company work in all states?

No - Not Alabama.  This is the only state we are familiar with where the insurance doesn't work. However, there is a list of other insurance companies in the FB group that offer commercial insurance


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