Patrice S. Jordan

Patrice S Jordan is the founder of Bosses Build Business Credit. She is a
well-known business credit expert, business consultant, and

With over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in many different areas
of business, Patrice has become recognized as an authority in business
credit building, business vehicles with no PG, Business consultant,
and business credit scoring.

She has a passion for people and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge.
Patrice is inspired by the community, She creates mentorship
opportunities for those who need help in their business, whether it’s
building business credit, funding ideas, creating structure,
gaining no pg vehicles and so much more.

Her goal has always been to help people create multiple streams of income and provide them with a hub of knowledge to continue to better educate other business professionals because she believes that everyone deserves to win.

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30 mins discovery call

Do you have pressing questions that require expert answers? If so, our Discovery Call is tailored just for you.

Allow us to provide you with invaluable insights into your business needs, encompassing a wide array of topics including but not limited to:

  • virtual address solutions
  • business initiation guidance
  • business venture selection
  • valuable business credit tips

This comprehensive Discovery + Strategy Session is designed to equip you with the clarity and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for your business

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Business Credit Consultation

Are you uncertain about the findability of your enterprise or in need of expert guidance concerning your business profile, whether it pertains to collections, business structure, tax liens, or overall profile setup? If so, this consultation is tailor-made for your requirements.

 During this comprehensive 45-minute consultation, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your Business Profile, which will encompass:

  • A meticulous review of your Business Structure and Address.
  • Expert insights into selecting the appropriate corporate structure (e.g., LLC, S Corp, etc.).
  • A strategic plan on how to secure your business capital within the first 30 days.
  • A thorough breakdown of your Business Profile across major credit bureaus such as Dun & Bradstreet (DNB), Experian, and Equifax.
Furthermore, we will present you with a personalized plan of action, meticulously designed for seamless implementation."

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Power Session W / Coach P

Welcome to this empowering session, meticulously crafted to offer guidance and unwavering support to business owners who are navigating the intricate path of expanding their ventures to the next level. If you find yourself standing at a crossroads, uncertain about the next steps to take, then this session has been tailored precisely for you.

Moreover, this dynamic session extends its benefits to aspiring entrepreneurs embarking on their business journeys. It ensures that you commence your entrepreneurial voyage on solid footing, following the correct procedures right from the outset.

Whether your concerns revolve around enhancing your business's fundability, encountering challenges in the realm of social media growth, navigating the intricacies of grant acquisition, surmounting obstacles in establishing a robust business profile with an impressive 80 PAYDEX score, or any other business credit-related matters, rest assured, I am here to provide the expert guidance you require.

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Sip & Boss Up - Strong Profile Build Out

It's time to let the professionals do the work for you.

  • Step up your profile:( Duns, Nav, Experian, Equifax)
  • Build 80 Paydex & Experian
  • 3 months of Business Vendor Tracker
  • Credit Building Tools Recommendation after 3 months
  • Exclusive Access To Additional Vendors of all Tiers after Tier 1 build-out
  • Credit worth profile to the lender Sit back & enjoy your results we will do the rest.
This package is for those who are already incorporated but have not set anything up yet for their Business, additional charge will apply if you're not incorporated.

Link will be provided for 30 min.

Boss Up

Vehicle Profile breakdown

Hello Business Bosses, Are you in the market for a vehicle for your business but uncertain about the readiness of your profile? Let's perform a comprehensive assessment of your professional background. This consultation is tailor-made for you.

In a 45-minute session, we'll thoroughly review your professional profile to gauge your preparedness for engaging with dealerships. Throughout our consultation, we'll delve deep into your specific business requirements.

This will encompass discussions about your vehicle needs, financial considerations, and any distinctive aspects of your business that might influence your decision-making. Our objective is to craft a well-structured action plan to ensure a smooth and successful process for acquiring the ideal vehicle to meet your business needs.

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