Intro To Your Host

Intro To Your Host


Time to meet the host of the Bosses Business Credit Show, Patrice S. Jordan! She is a business credit expert dedicated to showing business owners how to build business credit with no personal guarantees. Tune in to the podcast and find out how you, too, can build no-PG credit and drive your business forward.


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Intro To Your Host

Welcome to Bosses Business Credit show, episode one. Bosses, I am super excited to share with you my knowledge in the process of building no PG Business credit. For those of you folks who are not familiar with who I am, my name is Patrice S. Jordan. I am the Founder of Bosses Build Business Credit, the show. On this show, I'm going to share a lot of my knowledge about how to build no PG business credit with you.

What a lot of people don't realize when it comes to building no PG business credit is that it's all about the foundation. It's all about the setups. As we go through each episode, I'm going to make sure I'm breaking down to you in detail what it needs for you to be successful in building no PG business credit to be able to get Airbnbs, buy land, buy houses, and get vehicles under your business without utilizing your social security number.

When it comes to building no PG business credit, it's all about the foundation and the setups.

A little bit about me, I am originally from Trinidad. I initially came to the country when I was about twelve years old. You can only imagine at twelve years old, going to school, getting accepted to a division one college out of high school but not being able to go to college due to not having a social. Throughout my journey, I've learned a lot of ways to be able to utilize my business, EIN, without attaching my social.

It's 2023. I am a citizen of the United States as of now. However, I had to operate off of having a social or not having a social. I've learned a lot of tricks and trades of being able to accomplish a lot of these things with real proven results. I'm going to have some of my students that are going to be coming on throughout some of their episodes to discuss their journey of building no PG business credit, getting funding, doing Airbnb, and doing car rentals. It's an amazing process.

I've been so diligent and so disciplined to learn how to build no PG business credit because, at one point, I did not have the opportunity to operate like everybody else in the United States, which is having the social. I learned different ways by becoming a business owner. In becoming a business owner, you truly save me as not just an individual but as an entrepreneur.

Once I became a business owner or I'll say forced to become a business owner because I've done personal training before, not having a social. If you are a personal trainer, it's an entrepreneur’s job. You have to set your own schedule or work on your client's schedule sometimes but mostly, work on your own schedule.

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Business Credit: Being a personal trainer is an entrepreneur’s job. You have to set your own schedule.


I had a construction company at one point trying to be able to build something outside of putting my social on the documentation. I had to be able to operate and live in the United States off of, at one point, not having a social security number. The knowledge that I'm going to be sharing with you on this show is going to be a firsthand experience.

I'm going to show you how I was able to become a seven-figure coach by leveraging my business and building business credit to be able to do Airbnbs, rentals, and dispensaries, something that I'm in 2023 opening up. I'm going to show you how I was able to do that. One of the main things that helped me leverage my business to be able to build business credit was the simple fact of knowing how to structure my business properly.

Without the foundation of your business, it is not going to work. It's like trying to build a house without the foundation of building the house. It's going to be the same exact thing when it comes to building business credit. I'm so excited to share with you more details on how to be able to accomplish anything that you are looking to accomplish as a business owner by structuring your business properly.

On each episode, I'm going to be breaking down to you in detail what it takes to be able to have a strong business foundation for you to be able to operate and build your business credit, utilize it to help you grow and scale your business, and possibly help you open different locations. Again, a lot of my experience is coming from my own experience then I taught it to my community.


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I taught it to people who showed me that it is not just me or people in my situation or was in my situation who did not have a social. Millions of Americans needed what I had to offer, especially throughout the pandemic. Many people defaulted on their credit cards and on loans and could not pay their bills, so they are dependent on their personal credit. As we are out of the pandemic, so many people are struggling with getting their personal credit back in order.

I have been able to show people a different way of building business credit by simply using EIN only without attaching their social, unless it's for identification purposes only. Throughout the show, I will be breaking down a lot more of that to you, what it means to utilize your social only for identification purposes, when to use it, and not when to use it. Business Boss, I appreciate you. I thank you. I wanted to give you a quick intro with who I am and what you are going to learn from this show. I'll see you in episode two. As a reminder, bosses build business credit.

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Business Credit: You can build business credit by using only your EIN. No need for your Social Security Number.


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